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In the search for something new and different, Alethea Williams long ago discovered the allure of a good historical novel. With its ability to teach something deeper and broader than the everyday, a well-written historical transports the reader to an adventure in a different time and place. In the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, people dressed differently, thought differently, and lived lives most modern people wouldn‚Äôt recognize. The historical novel writer has the opportunity to teach history–minus the dry lists of names and dates. The historical novel writer‚Äôs primary duty to readers is to bring to vibrant life times lost and people long gone.

So choose your century from the last three, and I offer you a novel from each. Náápiikoan Winter is the story of an eighteenth century captive girl from Nuevo Mexico who is traded up the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains until she lands among the Piikáni people, who are being courted to open trade with the Hudson’s Bay Company by a young Englishman. Walls for the Wind takes the reader on a trip on the transcontinental railroad, the new mode of travel Eastern reformers are employing to distribute city street children to the young nation’s farmers. In Willow Vale, a young mother newly married and escaping the devastation of World War One arrives in America with her little girl, only to find herself widowed and alone in a new land that was supposed to represent only opportunity.

I invite you on an exciting journey to the past through the magic of the written word. Please join me.


(Alethea Williams, August 2016)


Walls for the Wind

Cover Walls for The Wind by Alethea Williams

Willow Vale

Cover Willow Vale by Alethea Williams

N√°√°piikoan Winter

Cover Naapiikoan Winter by Alethea Williams







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