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Alicia Quigley is a “sister act,” in the deepest sense of the phrase. As kids, we traveled internationally a great deal and since we were precocious and voracious readers with little in the way of English language books available to us, we read the same books, often numerous times. We became fans of Jane Austen and then devoured the hugely entertaining Regency novels of Georgette Heyer as young adolescents, rereading them multiple times when we ran out new things to read. As we grew up, our reading universe expanded but we retained a love of romances and particularly historicals. At some point, one of us decided to write a romance of our own, and got about five chapters in before deciding that it was harder than it looked at first. So, she shared it, and then the other of us wrote the next five chapters, and something much closer than a partnership was born.

As adults one of us is an engineer, while the other has degrees in history and English, and we live in different cities and have very different interests. But when it comes to reading and writing we are almost like twins joined at the brain! As a result, we really don’t want to have separate identities as “co-authors,” but to be “Alicia Quigley” together, and give Alicia a life of her own. We picked this name when we wrote our very first book, in the days long before independent, online publishing. Since we enjoyed the very popular historical romances of Amanda Quick (or Jayne Anne Krentz writing as Amanda Quick) we thought it would be good to be next to her on the bookstore shelf, because it would increase what we now think of as our “discoverability.” Years later when we pulled that book out of the desk drawer, updated it and self-published it, we decided that Alicia Quigley was an excellent name for us to go with! Alicia now has several published titles, and is as real a person to us as we are ourselves!

One of us loves mid-century design and searching garage sales for overlooked treasures while the other has pursued life on a horse farm for the last twenty years, Our professions are dissimilar, and we differ from each other probably far more than we are similar. But we have written numerous romances since that long ago first book and our talents and love for this genre still go hand-in-hand to help us create stories that we love writing and editing together, and many readers have told us they enjoy. We hope that you find them a pleasure as well.

(Alicia Quigley, September 2016)


The Arlingbys Series

A Collector’s Item

Cover A Collectors Item - Rowenas after dark regency romance - The arlingbys book 1 by Alicia Quigley

The Contraband Courtship

Cover The Contraband Courtship - The Arlingbys book 2 by Alicia Quigley

Lady, Lover, Smuggler, Spy

Cover Lady Lover Smuggler Spy - The Arlingby's book 3 by Alicia Quigley






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