Angela Kay

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For as long as Angela Kay can remember, she wanted to be an author. Some of her friends dreamed of being actors, some dreamed of teaching, but Angela wanted to write. Throughout her school years, up through college, her teachers and professor urged her to continue writing. They told her that she was a “natural born writer.” Comments like that only drove her to continue pursuing her dream.

It’s not easy to write, but knowing that it was her God-given talent, she kept at it. Her debut novel, which began as part of her Creative Writing assignment in college took seven years to complete. Almost immediately after the final draft of the “The Murder of Manny Grimes” was finished, she met a friend who graciously edited the novel. And now, it’s finally published through ThomasMax Publishing, and she can’t be any more thrilled that she’d come this far.

In addition to writing, she is an avid reader/book reviewer, blogger, and offers services for editing other authors’, or aspiring authors’ work.

Angela graduated from Augusta State University with a professional writing degree and resides in Augusta, GA with her five-year-old calico, Maggie. Maggie at times likes to disrupt her Mommy’s writing by lying on the keyboard and purring.

(Angela Kay, September 2016)


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