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Author Angelica Kate

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Angelica Kate spent most of her adult life in the Midwest states, until three years ago when she made the sojourn to sunnier climates and relocated to Sarasota, Florida. Angelica has always been a writer from the time she could put her feelings down on paper as a child, and make a story come to life with her pencil in elementary school. She finally fulfilled her passion to become an author by indie publishing her first book back in 2012 after several big pushes by her friends. She prefers writing romance genre, but has found dabbling in science fiction and mystery to be genres she enjoys exploring. When not writing Angelica enjoys hiking, running, kayaking, travel, reading and spending time with family and friends.

(Angelica Kate, January 2018)



Life’s a Beach

front cover Lifes A Beach by angelica Kate

Scars of Yesterday

front cover Scars of Yesterday by Angelica Kate

Out of Solitude

front cover Out of Solitude by Angelica Kate






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