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C. Craig Coleman

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This is a story of life as seen through the eyes of one that has lived it. The characters development through the stages of life come from experience. While this is a fantasy, it deals with real life issues. Elves, dwarves, trolls magical beings once were very real in the dark world of the human history. We created them our of our imaginations to explain the unexplained. We feared their supernatural powers or begged for their assistance when situations seemed hopeless.
Credibility is key for me in good fantasy. I have to believe it could happen or exist. Men attributed dwarf reality as primal beings that moved through the very stone of earth before the rise of man. On seeing man in his earliest caves and tunnels searching for stone for arrowheads, dwarves were jealous. Thus they made their first bodies out of elements, asbestos for blood vessels, mineral water for blood, stone for bones, etc. The Astorax in The Crystal Legacy seems far fetched, but then today we grow human ears on the backs of mice using meds that prevent the body’s rejection of foreign tissue. And yet, Astorax is the embodiment of those that are different in society. His story reflects how society treats such persons.
Fifteen years in writing and revising, this body of work is my gift to those that would look at life’s challenges as a real person, with flaws and limitations, a person who perseveres even when there is only hope.
While I published The Dragon Ring on my sixty-fifth birthday, it is written for all mature ages who still value the creative mind.

(C. Craig Coleman, March 2017)


The Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire Series

The Dragon Ring, The Crystal Legacy, The Crown of Yensupov
They are the first three books of the six book epic fantasy series, The Neuyokkasin Arc of Empire series. The series spans the life of the protagonist, Saxthor through the rise of an empire. It’s written to the adult fantasy enthusiast as it has the entertainment elements of fantasy but with deeper social and political meaning under the surface. This is a story of life. Names are spelled to the pronunciation, and evoke a rich magical tone.

Book 1 – The Dragon Ring

front cover the dragon ring - the neuyokkasinian arc of empire series 1 by c craig Coleman

Book 2 – The Crystal Legacy

front cover The Crystal Legacy - the neuyokkasinian arc of empire series 2 by c craig Coleman

Book 3 – The Crown of Yensupov

Front Cover The Crown of Yensupov - Neuyokkasinian arc of empire 3 by c craig coleman






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