Caroline E. Zani

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Picture Author Caroline E. Zani


Caroline E. Zani is a psychic medium who helps others connect with their loved ones in Spirit. She wrote Piper, Once and Again before she knew she had these latent gifts. It wasn’t until her life was shaken and broken into shards that she began to see how all the little pieces, though separate, were part of something bigger. She began to see life very differently and was suddenly delivering messages of hope for others and aiding them in their healing. Much to her surprise, it became very healing for her also. She is sought out by people from all over the world for her healing readings and is very excited to launch her debut novel Piper, Once and Again as it has helped others to see life and all its complexities a bit differently.

(Caroline E. Zani, June 2016)


Piper, Once and Again

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