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Nebulous Bob by Eliot Mercy

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Nebulous Bob is the first book of the Apocalypse Memoirs scifi/apocalyptic/humor series by Eliot Mercy

Cover Nebulous Bob - Apocalypse Memoirs 1 by Eliot Mercy

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The first novelette in the Apocalypse Memoirs series. Bob is a 40-ish ne’er-do-well living in the city when the world ends, but it isn’t your standard Armageddon. Bob soon finds out that the demons and angels battling in the skies are just an opening act for The Mandate, a cabal of malevolent beings who’ve arrived to chaperone humanity to its ultimate judgment. Bob is your hapless guide and would-be hero down the Path of Absurdity in this dark, satirical farce, which features a motley squad of bad-ass warriors, an ill-tempered sulphur beast, and one giant pigeon.

A Word from the Author

photo Author Eliot MercyIt is difficult for me to describe what led me to create the world of The Apocalypse Memoirs. I believe it came out of the frustrations of trying to make my writing better. I felt constricted by my attempts at technique and craft, and needed a place where I could just send an alienated, self-loathing character caroming around a pinball machine of absurd situations. I think of it as a pulp playground, where I can be as ridiculous, as irreverent, and as disturbing as I wish…and keep as far as possible from my exhausting self-criticism. It’s a fun place to romp.

(Eliot Mercy, July 2016)

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