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How To Be A Smart SOB Like Me by Larry Landgraf

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How To Be a Smart SOB Like Me by Larry Landgraf.

Cover How To Be A Smart SOB Like Me by Larry Landgraf


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There are now seven billion people on this planet. Many of these people have trouble with work, managing their finances, or planning their futures. Some are in a rut, while others simply are not happy. These problems lead to more problems —frustration, stress, poor decisions, overeating, drinking, and worse. There is help for these people, but they must be willing to take charge of their lives and seek out the help they need. Life can be fun, rewarding, and a lot less stressful than you think. This book will help you find a better life for yourself, cope with the challenges life will throw at you, and make you smarter about how you live your life. This book will help you be a better, happier you. Make the choice. Read this book.

A Word from the Author

Photo Author Larry LandgrafThere are now over seven billion people on this planet. We are destroying the world on which we live. We live in a crowded world, but me? I’m one of the happiest people on the planet. How is that so? I have worked hard all my life to earn a living, but also to protect myself from the rest of the world. I am a smart SOB and this book is a pattern to a better life. Many people are lost and in a rut. Others can’t handle their finances or anything else. Many are not happy. This book is a pattern to a healthier and happier you. There are lessons to be learned, and if I had my way, “How to be a Smart SOB Like Me” would be required reading in every high school. I’ve had teachers tell me some of the stories make good classroom subjects.

(Larry Landgraf, July 2016)


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