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Nature Cures by N. H. Hawes

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Nature Cures – Let Food be your medicine … the A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods by N. H. Hawes



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Nat H Hawes SNHS Dip (advanced and sports nutrition) has been researching the relationship between food, nutritional science and health since 2003. Originally prompted to do so by her father’s and friend’s health problems, her research rapidly broadened to embrace all aspects of nutritional health. Her sources range from a lifetime of experience travelling abroad to research via libraries and university websites and include a vast range of scientific papers which she has analysed and summarised in everyday language. She reviews both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions and the healing properties and nutrients of the full spectrum of natural (as opposed to processed) foods and drinks.

A Word from the Author

author-n-h-hawes-pictureI began researching natural ways to recover from the health disorders my father was suffering from in 2003. He was on so many medications at the time and experiencing such unbearable side-effects I wanted to see if natural foods could help him get off any of these drugs. I found that there was no one place on the internet to find everything you needed to know about foods and their nutrients and many websites had biased opinions or were just too complicated to find what you were looking for. I set up the website and began systematically adding information to it gleaned from scientific papers and other genuine sources. Friends began to ask me to research natural medicines for their various ailments and the website began to grow. By 2013 it had reached almost 1 million visitors and was getting 3000 a day and Hammersmith Health books agreed to publish my book ‘Nature Cures’. It took three years to edit this book which ended up being a 1130 paged encyclopaedia of the A-Z of natural foods, nutrients and hazards to human health. It was published in 2015 and in February 2016 the website reached 2.5 million visitors. There is a new series of Nature Cures pocketbooks about to be published of more in-depth details about each subject covered in the main book and on the website.

New books in the Nature Cures series due out soon:

  •  Let Roots be Your Medicine
  • Nature’s Colour Codes
  • Air-purifying House Plants (and healthy housekeeping)
  • Natural Performers and Sports Nutrition
  • Nature Cures Diabetes
  • Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection
  • Natural Relief for Pain and Inflammation
  • Eliminate Parasites Naturally
  • Natural Ways to Thin the Blood

(N. H. Hawes, November 2016)


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