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Sebastian’s Moon by David Villanueva Jr.

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Sebastian’s Moon is a picture book for children by David Villanueva Jr..

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“Sebastian’s Moon” is a story about Sebastian, whose little brother Riley passed away, so he thinks his brother lives on the moon. When Sebastian tells his mother that he misses his brother, she tells him that they will see him again one day. With the help of his friends and the aid of a shooting star, Sebastian embarks on an adventure of sending his stuffed brontosaurus and blanket to the moon so that his little brother isn’t lonely anymore, and making the promise to never forget Riley.

A Word from the Author

Author David Villanueva pictureSebastian’s Moon is about a boy’s adventure to send a gift to the moon. With the aid of a magical spider that spins a web trampoline, Sebastian jumps above the treetops to catch a shooting star as it soars towards the moon! Trying to catch a shooting star has never been more inspiring.

Sebastian’s Moon was inspired when a teacher had her class write author David Villanueva Jr. a letter on what they wished for. A boy wrote that he “wished for the moon” because his brother had passed away, and he thought he went to live on the moon.

(David Villanueva Jr., July 2017)





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