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Ascension: The Journey Continues by Jordan Thomas

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Ascension: The Journey Continues is a poetry book by Jordan Thomas

Cover Ascension The Journey Continues by Jordan Thomas


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As a follow up to Joys & Pains, this bigger collection of poetry is alphabetized and covers a wider array of subjects such as hypocrisy, vanity, unconditional love, our progress as a planet, and a poem written in third person. It additionally includes three essays on hope and my personal concepts of freedom and success. Like everything else I do, I’d like my work to inspire those reading.

A Word from the Author

Picture Author Jordan ThomasRegarding my first book, Joys & Pains, the content was limited in topics due to fear. This sequel is not only more broad in its topics but the variety of poetic styles and the number of poems which are alphabetized. Ascension discusses what most of America refuses to talk about which includes blatant racism, cultural appropriation, hypocrisy and much more. A lot of emotions are bought forth but ends on a positive note saying that pain is temporary. It is an apparatus that captures and grips the most deepest emotions of one’s heart. This is something I’d like to refer to as “motivational poetry” because I want it to inspire people and hopefully it will do just that.

(Jordan Thomas, June 2016)


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