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My First Travel Book by Anna Othitis

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My First Travel Book Ā is the first book of the My First Travel BooksĀ – travel books series for children by Anna Othitis.

Front Cover My first Travel book - My first traverl books 1 by Anna Othitis

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Are you ready to take to the skies? Welcome Aboard Children! Come join the adventures of Captain Frankie and his flying angel as they travel across the world to some of the most popular, entertaining, and educational places in the world. Captain Frankie is waiting for you to book your ticket, safely stow your bags, and open your eyes to the beautiful places created for all of us to visit in My First Travel Book series.


A Word from the Author

Author Anna Othitis pictureThe pages of My First Travel Book serve as imaginative boarding tickets for young readers to poplar geographical and historical landmarks around the globe, providing educational and factual information about each special place. Destinations such as Zimbabweā€™s Victoria Falls, the United States of Americaā€™s Statue of Liberty, Franceā€™s Eifel Tower and Londonā€™s Big Ben are only a few of the many magnificent places that this wondrous book has to offer. The roots of inspiration for this book come from two special factors. The first comes from the experience of living in Zimbabwe, Africa and having a dream to travel the world as a pilot. The second comes from the real life events of actually visiting these places and seeing what everyone should get a chance to see one day. To read about these glorious places is only the beginning of the journey, the ignition to the engines of the powerful jet of adventure that will take the reader, their family, and friends, to a new level of curiosity about what lies beyond the walls of their home.

(Anna Othitis, February 2017)


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