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Brokenhearted by Bella Emy

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Brokenhearted is a contemporary romance by Bella Emy.

full cover Brokenhearted by Bella Emy

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Could you love someone after learning the truth of his or her family’s past? Could you forgive someone after they’ve done the impossible? Emily Jones has the perfect life. She’s married to a handsome man, has a career she loves, and amazing friends all around. She’s carefree and happy with the way everything has fallen into place for her–till one day it all comes crashing down on her. Her husband, Bruce, demands a divorce and she is left utterly brokenhearted. She’s completely devastated and fears she cannot go on. Then one day, a handsome stranger walks into her life–a stranger whom actually is more familiar to Emily than she realizes. Will she be able to let go of Bruce and start anew? Or will her broken heart hold her back from loving again? Sometimes your first love isn’t your one true love… Sometimes you have to overcome what’s holding you back in order to move forward… Sometimes, you have to let go in order to mend a broken heart.

A Word from the Author

Author Bella Emy pictureI think everyone can relate to “Brokenhearted.” Most people have suffered from the pain that the end of a relationship can bring, but this book goes into so much more. It’s not just about Emily and Bruce’s divorce. It’s about the heartbreak that the death of a family member or even a friend can bring. It’s about the end of one thing and the beginning of another. It’s about dealing with the pain from things that hurt us in life and figuring out how we can get through that same pain and heartache. I feel that “Brokenhearted” will bring everyone that reads it to face his or her feelings and realize that this book is about us all.
(Bella Emy, March 2017)

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