Chris Chelser

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Chris Chelser

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Chris Chelser was born with her nose planted firmly in a pile of books. As a child, she already preferred the cruel fairy tales to Disney’s sugar-coated versions. So she decided to write her own stories. Now, three decades, two university degrees and a corporate career later, she still writes dark fiction that combines her life-long passion for history, psychology, and the supernatural. Blame it on the werewolf she read about when she was six…
She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and son, who are happy to let her feed the monsters under the bed. After having published several short stories, disturbing poems, and Book I of the Kalbrandt Institute Archives series, The Devourer is her first stand-alone novel.

(Chris Chelser, September 2017)


The Devourer

front cover The Devourer by Chris Chelser






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