D. J. Baldock

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D. J. Baldock

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D. J. Baldock is a thirty-something geek, father and writer of superhero fiction. He currently resides in north-west England, where he drinks far too much coffee. With a science background, including a PhD, he is the author of ‘Alicia’ and its sequel ‘Honey’, with a third book on the way. Other projects include a space-opera called ‘The Choir’ and a potential cosmic horror story called ‘Bleedthrough’. His favourite authors include Alastair Reynolds, Neal Asher, Greg Rucka and Gail Simone. When not talking about superheroes and space, he is a scientist, occasional teacher and plays far too many games. For writing updates, and far too much nonsense, check out Facebook and Twitter (see below).

(D. J. Baldock, March 2017)


Ascendant Untempered Series

Book 1 – Alicia

front cover Alicia - revenge nothing burns brighter by D J Baldock

Book 2 – Honey

front cover Honey - Ascendant untempered 2 by D J Baldock






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