David Pauly

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David Pauly

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I grew up in Winnetka, Illinois a town fixated on sports and money; as I was short, uncoordinated, and poor, it was hard to fit in. Reading was easier than making friends and escaping into fantasy and sci fi, was infinitely preferable to my reality. Going from UW-Madison to the deep south (W&L-Law School) and then landing in New Mexico, my one constant was always feeling like an outsider. Now in Australia, I have finally realized I fit in with my 5 year old daughter, my wonderful wife, her family–not mine, and my few close friends; my quirks are just too much for most people. Reading has given way to writing, and now I escape into a world I have created. When not in my own head, I cook and train in karate, and try to be the best husband and father that I can.

(David Pauly, January 2017)


The Fourth Age Series

Shadow Wars

Book 1: Assassins

Front Cover The Fourth Age Shadow Wars -Assassins by David Pauly

Book 2 – Conspiracy

Conspiracy - The fourth age wars book 2 by David Pauly front cover

Book 3 – Myths

Myths - The fourth age wars book 3 by David Pauly front cover









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