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photo author Dick Allan


I am a retired physician and spent most of my professional life in environmental sciences research at the Institute of Aviation Medicine. I am a lifelong sailor and when I retired in 1995 I sailed my own yacht ‘Greylag’ around the world. ‘Sailing My Dream’ is my account of that journey. On my return to England I felt we’d seen enough of the sea so I built a narrowboat (English canal boat) and we toured the waterways of England and France for the next eight years. This led to my second book, ‘The Cry of the Heron’, an historical novel set on the rivers and canals of eighteenth century England. The recent atrocious acts of piracy in the far East reminded me of the worries we had on this issue when sailing through Indonesia. I resolved to write a novel and put my worst fears about piracy into words. ‘Poto Paddu’ is the book that emerged from this. I am now 81 years old and still going strong. It is my belief that ‘use it or lose it’ applies to the brain as well as the body and writing is quite a strenuous exercise of mental faculties.

(Dick Allan, June 2016)


Sailing My Dream

Cover Sailing my Dream by Dick Allan

The Cry of the Heron

Cover Cry of the Heron by Dick Allan

Poto Paddu

Cover Poto Paddu by Dick Allan




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