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Author G.K. Holloway

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Can a book really change your life?

In the case of G K Holloway, yes. Quite few years ago, for Christmas, his wife bought him a book about Harold Godwinson, the Last Anglo-Saxon King of England. This was bought as a present that she hoped would be an interesting read but it turned into a change of life. G K Holloway became so fascinated by the fall of Anglo-Saxon England, he spent the next few years researching it, before writing his novel about the events which led up to the Norman Invasion.

While writing his book, family holidays consisted of research trips to battlefields, such as Stamford Bridge and Hastings; or Bayeux, for the tapestry, Falaise, the castle that was William the Conqueror’s home; or Bosham in Sussex, Home of Harold Godwinson, and many more places besides. What might have been a chore for most people was a pleasure for him. These visits to places where momentous events had taken place helped the history come alive, and as a history graduate, he found them exhilarating. Luckily, the family enjoyed them too.

G K Holloway is now writing full time and the sequel to his first book should be published in the summer of 2018.

(G.K. Holloway, December 2017)


1066: What Fates Impose

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