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Gabriel Namara

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I spent my early childhood in a Trailerpark somewhere in the US before moving to Hamburg, Germany. Reason why I am writing is hidden somewhere in my Horror Trilogy “Claires Bestrafung”, which is only available in German for now. I am writing in German because it is the language which I speak daily and I have a very good translator, a native speaker (Steve Gander) who knows a lot more about american language and literature than I do, though I am a big fan of both.
I am writing because I was not good enough to become a rock star. My attempts of playing instruments are usually stopped by the people around me, sometimes yelling at me to “shut the f**** up” or “turn down that noise!”. The longer I practice, the more worse it gets which is why I finally turned to writing novels. The latter can be done without an audience on site and I am thus safe during the process. The very first novel which I wrote was a Horror Story. It was about Zombies in the desert of Australia after a Tourist trip gone terribly wrong. As for the writing itself, I am writing all my books on my iPad. This way I can lie on the sofa, Coffee Mug at my side and I still look cool. Or so do I hope. To be able to write, I lift some weights and listen to different kinds of music. No training without music, no writing without training. I can lift heavy. The Dodge Challenger of Matchbox is a good example. Trust me. You should train.

(Gabriel Namara, March 2017)


Earthrise – Stranded on the Moon

Front cover earthrise - stranded on the moon by Gabriel Namara october2017




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