George J. Thomas

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Picture Author George Thomas


Originally, from Glasgow, Scotland, the author travelled internationally throughout his career, especially in Europe, Russia, the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. Lived in Saudi Arabia, the British Virgin Islands, Spain, and the Czech Republic, more recently frequent visits to SE Asia. Interests apart from writing: Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, Tai Chi, local politics. Now lives in Xàbia, Spain.

(George J. Thomas, July 2016)


Ichiro’s Odyssey

Cover Ichiro's Odyssey by George Thomas

Nemesis Novels

Nemesis in Spain

Cover Nemesis in Spain by George J Thomas

Nemesis in Asia

Cover Nemesis in Asia by George Thomas

The Deadly Diplomat

Cover The Deadly Diplomat by George Thomas

‘Promise Me You Won’t Go to Beirut’ : A Memoir

Cover Promise me you wont go to beirute by George J Thomas






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