Interview – J. C. Brennan

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Interview – J. C. Brennan

Photo Author JCBrennan front Cover Eternal Bloodlines by J. C. Brennan

– When did you start writing stories/novels, what moved you to start writing?
I began writing when I was twelve. I wrote to escape my life for a while into a world I could create. I had been writing poems, three of them published; when my husband asked me why I didn’t just go ahead a write a book. That was in 2010, and I’ve never looked back.

– In what genres do you write? Do you plan writing in other genres?
My novels are fantasy/ dark fantasy. However, they all cross multiple genres. It’s my belief most novels do. A Story—a good story—may be labeled as horror, YA, mystery, Thrill, but they will all encompass other genres to create a story that captures the readers imagination.

– Tell us about your novels. Why should everyone buy them?
This is a difficult question, so I will tell you what my readers have said. The reason I would give to a reader on why they should read my novel is the character. I love each one—good or evil. When someone asked me about them, I use their given names. To me, I have brought them to life on the page, and they have become more than just words. I believe the characters of a story are what captures and ignites a reader’s emotion. Whether they’re loved or hated, if the reader can relate to them on an emotional level that is what makes a great story.
There’s a bit of everything in my novels: love, hate, death, friendship, family. However, the characters are what the reader will remember. I have created fantastic, memorable characters the read will love or hate, either way, they will remember them.

– What is your all-time favorite novel? What makes it special?
My favorite novel is Stephen King’s Night Shift. This is a compilation of short stories and the first book I read by Stephen King. I have always loved his stories, and I would have to say, he’s the one who got me hooked on Horror.

– Tell us a bit about your writing process.
I don’t have a process, per say. I write down ideas, and they seem to develop themselves. Half the time when I write, I don’t realize how the story has progressed until I go back to edit it.

– What author would you love to have dinner with?
Stephen King, of course. I would love to have a conversation with the man who writes such beautiful, yet creepy, stories that have caught my imagination since I was thirteen.

– Tell us about your hobbies and passions other than writing.
I love to travel, hike, and sew. All of these are what keep me balanced as an author. I love books and the places they have taken me. But, real life and the beauty that is out there in the world can never be captured in mere words.

– We have many followers who would like to start writing a book or are already writing their first novel, any advice for these brave people?
Yes, I do. Work hard, never give up, and, please—please, be careful. There are a lot of people out there that will take your money and not fully deliver the services you are paying for. My best advice is, ask other authors, do some research, and then choose an editor, artist, and proofreader. It will save you plenty of heartache in the end.

– How often do you write, daily, every other day or?
I write something on a regular basis. Whether it’s 50 or 5000, you have to keep writing.

– Do you keep a notebook with ideas for your novels? If so do you carry the notebook with you so you won’t forget any ideas?
I do keep a notebook. I had learned that my thoughts pop up at any time, and if I don’t write them down, I will lose them.

– How important is research when writing your books?
Research is imperative. Each book written whether it’s a fantasy, fiction, horror… there is always some truth woven into the words—at least for me. I like to add fact to the fiction, giving the novel some realism.

– What are you reading at the moment?
I read all the time, sometimes more than I write. I love to see what others have imagined and put down on paper. Anyone associated with me knows I write reviews for all that I read. Besides Stephen King, I love indie author’s work. There’s so much talent out there.

– Certainly, you have had some interesting episodes as an author, fans related or others, share one of them with us.
LOL, I will share one of these “episodes” with you, it made me laugh. I have a fan who has read A Fine Series from the beginning.
One day at work she came up to me mad as all hell. She stood at my desk tapping her foot with a look that could kill. I asked what was wrong, and she looked at me and said, “How could you? How could you do that! There had better be retribution for what she did! I’m so pissed at you right now.”
I told her I was sorry it was just the way the story developed, and she came back with, “Well, there had best be retribution. There had best be!”
She had just finished A Fine Line: The Ancients (Part II) and wasn’t thrilled at what had taken place in the book.

– A final message for our readers.
Life is short so live your life to the fullest. Take chance, do something out of character, and dream seemingly impossible dreams then make it come true. You have one life to live, so have as much fun as you can will you can.

Thank you Janet. We at wish you much success!

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