Interview – Michael Bosso

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Interview – Michael Bosso

Author Michael Bosso S.M.A.F.U. by Michael Bosso Cover FBOM by Michael Bosso


When did you start writing novels, what moved you to start writing?

I actually started writing when I was in high school. I wasn’t quite up to writing novels at that point but I was fascinated with journalism. In fact, I was suspended for an entire week for writing an underground newspaper my High School Administration disapproved of and found offensive. They really had no sense of humor at all…

In what genres do you write? Do you plan writing in other genres?

Oh dear… Genre? What’s a Genre? Actually I am best categorized as a fiction author. SMAFU is a pure fiction novel based on the everyday struggles of a married couple and a randy and worldly old lady that wants to help. If I had to choose a specific genre I’d have to put it into romantic comedy.

My upcoming novel is walk into the dark-side of rape and revenge. Like everything I write it has a message that I feel needs to be said. It has many levels and can be enjoyed as a fast paced action novel, or as a dramatic view into the pain and suffering experienced by women throughout history.

As for other genres…. Hmm… did I mention I have a sarcastic, humor driven book on writing tips, an epic romance novel, and a sci-fi book based on quantum mechanics in the works to be published sometime in 2017?

Tell us about your novels. Why should everyone buy them?

I write to make people feel. Whether it’s humor, tears or abject despair, I want them to walk away from one of my novels knowing they have been through a myriad of emotions. When I receive a review that says “I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t put it down; I know that I have succeeded.

For instance, my upcoming novel FBOM will take you to place you don’t want to go but you won’t walk away either. You’ll feel pain, frustration, anger and sympathy. When you hit the last page you’ll be exhausted but wishing their was a sequel.

For the length of time you are willing to share with me via my novels, I want to walk with you hand in hand either through a lovely spring meadow or straight over the cliffs of perdition. I’ve been told I write “Raw” or I write “Naked” but at the end of the day… I write with emotion and feeling. I hope my readers can feel it through my words.

What is your all time favorite novel? What makes it special?

I wish I could say my all time favorite was one of mine, but I give that honor to Mr. Matthew Stover. He is a complete and utter Genius. If I had to limit myself to one of his books, I would have to choose The Blades of Tyshalle. Simply amazing and written on so many different levels it’s a different lesson every time I read it.

Tell us a bit about your writing process.

I write from the heart and I write relatively quickly. Which in the long run leads to immense amounts of time in the editing process. I have to get the stories down while they are roaming around in my head. During the proofing and editing process I clean up the mess I have made and make it presentable for company.

What author would you love to have dinner with?

Matthew Woodring Stover

Tell us about your hobbies and passions other than writing.

Hobbies? Well I’m a stock broker by profession and its currently baseball season. Who has time for Hobbies when the Boston Red Sox are playing?

We have many followers who would like to start writing a book or are already writing their first novel, any advice for these brave people?

The founder of self-publishing site Smashword once told me that in this day and age of thousands of books being published every day, the odds of someone actually reading your book are incredibly small. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write your book, it just means you should write it for yourself. Every book, even bad ones, deserve to be written.

How often do you write?Daily, every other day or?

I write something every day. It’s not always working on my novel, sometimes it’s a blog post or a rambling short story, but my keyboard is always clicking.

Do you keep a notebook with ideas for your novels? If so do you carry the notebook with you so you won’t forget any ideas?

I do carry a notebook, but sadly I never have a pen. I use my cell phone’s audio recorder if an idea is really good. 😊

What kind of research have you done for your books?

I’m a data and news junky. FBOM is the first book I’ve written that required large amounts of time reviewing facts and statistics from the Department of Justice. I also interviewed victims, rape counselors, and scoured the news for relevant stories.

What are you reading at the moment?

Corelli’s Mandolin

A final message for our readers.

Read SMAFU and keep an eye out for FBOM. I’m somewhat of an “attention whore” so hit me up on twitter and Facebook and let me know what you think. 😊


Thank you so much Michael for taking the time to answer our questions. wishes you much success.

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