Jacqueline Mansell

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Jacqueline Mansell

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Jacqueline Mansell MA is a Chartered Psychologist

As a business owner and trainer Jacqueline has a career dedicated to learning and development. Running national training courses throughout the UK she has come to understand the pressures that people face from all walks of life. Drawing on her years of experience she has put together a series of handbooks “To The Point” aimed at self development.

Jacqueline is committed to personal, management and leadership development and works in the professional fields of HR and Organisational Development.

During the course of her career Jacqueline has reached many thousands of people through her work and interventions and is now bringing her accumulated knowledge and expertise beyond the corporate world to a wider audience.

(Jaqueline Mansell, May 2017)


Bullying and Harassment of Adults

front cover Bullying and harassment of adults by Jacqueline Mansell

Resilience – A Choice For Everyday Living

front cover Resilience by Jacqueline Mansell









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