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Justin Orton

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I’ve always loved books. There’s something truly magical about a good story. As a child I would stand before a bookshelf and find my imagination taking me on wonderful adventures sparked from the imagery of a cover, or the teasing lure of a title.

As a book takes the reader into the lives and worlds of others so allow me to give you a brief glimpse into mine.

I was born in 1969 just outside London in the UK. Most of my childhood was spent in Norfolk, and there I pursued a career in information technology. At that time writing was a dream, but paying the bills a necessity. I built a successful career as an application developer and found adventure as a volunteer firefighter. Whenever time allowed I would escape to the wild majestic beauty of Scotland and there numerous stories began to unfold in my head.

In 1999 my life took an unexpected path with a move to the United States and I live there still – in Florida. I run my own IT service company, and have finally found the opportunity to write. I’m happily married and feel blessed beyond measure to have found in my wife a true friend and companion. It was a pleasure to be able to dedicate my first novel to her – if you’ve checked out “To Raise a King” I hope you found it an enjoyable read!

I’m a huge fan of fantasy, and my favorite authors in that genre are Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, David Eddings and Raymond E Feist.

I’m often asked where my inspiration comes from for my stories and the answer to that is always the same – Scotland – a land of so much magic, mystery, love and tragedy.

When not traveling I’m most often to be found working in my home office, accompanied by my ever present companion Oliver a great little cat we rescued from the streets of Orlando.

So that my friends – is a brief look at me. For more information see the Link section below.

(Justin Orton, May 2017)


The Broken Crown Series

Book 1 – To Raise a King

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