Kenneth Passan

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Having served in the military during the Vietnam War, he started out civilian work in the

criminal justice system as a fingerprint examiner for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kenneth Passan dedicated himself to become and remain sociologically and philosophically

attuned to societal changes over the past forty years.

He obtained his first college degree in Criminology and Sociology. After his undergraduate studies were completed, he later worked as a correction officer for many years, and eventually went to school to become a licensed registered nurse. Later, he successfully completed training for his certification as a forensic nurse while maintaining his first specialty as a psychiatric nurse.

His final academic achievement was to receive his Masters of Forensic Science.

His first published book was Forensics and the Violent Criminal Mind. Public speaking

experiences which he enjoyed conducting included his first with the FBI, then later adult

education teaching and speaking engagements about his book. He’s spoken on international radio

and appeared on television.

Monsters Among Us: Man’s Inhumanity, is his second nonfiction work. He has turned to writing novels and his first one, The Elevator is planned for 2017 publishing. He currently lives in Connecticut.

(Kenneth Passan, November 2016)


Monsters Among Us – Man’s Inhumanity: A Philosophical Treatise









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