Koos Verkaik

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Koos Verkaik is a true master in his genre: Mystery, Adventure and Magic. He published over sixty different titles, both novels for adults and children’s books.

He wrote his first novel, a science fiction, when he was only eighteen years old, during a weekend; it was published immediately—he was only sixteen when he wrote a series about a young space traveler who went in search of adventures on a far-away planet; it got published in the weekly newspaper (three pages each week). He published with big Dutch publishers as De Arbeiderspers in Amsterdam.

Sarah Book Publishing, Texas, USA, published All-Father, HIM – After the UFO Crash and The Dance of the Jester.
For LadyBee Publishers, Canada, he writes the marvelous series of children’s books Alex and the Wolpertinger and recently another series: Saladin the Wonder Horse.

Koos Verkaik is one of the most productive authors of the moment—and never ever had a writer’s block. He works very hard, writing every day.

(Koos Verkaik, November 2016)


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All Father by Koos Verkaik

Him: After the UFO Crash

Him - After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik

The Dance of the Jester





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