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Lorel won her first writing award in 1st grade for “Wise the Owl” which has a wizard at school, a snake… way before Harry Potter. She really wishes she’d copyrighted that! While always knowing she wanted to be a writer, as a ‘gifted’ student she loved learning too much to stop and write as much as she should. Geology, archeology, astrophysics… she finally ended up doing a biology degree and got a PhD studying how and why humans age. Fascinating stuff. A future book in there for sure. Opposites attract and Clayton, on the surface, was her exact opposite. He was the cool football star who also hung out with the ‘hoods’ and got in fights protecting the put upon. Not your usual football star, but he struggled with dyslexia and hated being teased and called stupid, so he pounced on anyone mistreating others. Lorel was never in the principal’s office and never once got in a fight, while he was there all the time with bloody knuckles. He was charming and outgoing, while she was shy. But they were perfect for each other. Their relationship truly began when Lorel read their first book aloud together. Clayton loved books after that and they’ve read many hundreds together. They’ve been married nearly 27 years, and yes it all started with love at first sight. Believe it.



Eva Thorne series

Book 1 – Tangle of Thornes

Tangle of Thornes - An Eva Thorne Novel by Lorel Clayton

Book 2 – A Thorne for a Crown

A Thorne for a Crown - Eva Thorne Book 2 by Lorel Clayton


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