M L Sparrow

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M L Sparrow

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M L Sparrow is currently the author of four full length novels and two novellas of varying genres, she’s also the author of several short stories published in various anthologies. She enjoys keeping her readers on their toes by writing different genres, though most of her stories have some sort of romance!

Besides writing, reading and snuggling with her dogs, she enjoys travelling and has been to some amazing countries, which have inspired her stories, not to mention many more to come…

(M L Sparrow, March 2017)


Red Days

front cover red days by M L Sparrow


cover Ghetto by M L Sparrow

The Demon Inside

cover The Demon Inside by M L Sparrow

No Rest for the Wicked

Front cover No Rest for the Wicked by M L Sparrow

What Happens on Campus Series

Book 1 – Player

front cover Player - What happens on Campus 1 by M L Sparrow

A Tangled Web

new front cover A Tangled Web by ML Sparrow





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