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Michelle P. Tonnesen is a writer and business woman living on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. She is originally from Denmark, but grew up in a multicultural family and has lived in Brussels, the Middle East, and London before moving to the island with her family in 2011. Her debut novel, The Cosmopolitan Islander, is inspired by her local and cosmopolitan journeys.
She has a Master’s Degree in International Business and Modern Languages. She has also studied Creative Writing at London School of Journalism. Her creative work has been published locally and globally, including her diverse portfolio of business and lifestyle articles for magazines.
“Words and playing with them have always been a great interest of mine. I’m a linguist at heart, grew up in a bilingual family, speak four languages, and read from an early age. I have written for many years, but it was primarily non-fiction; academic papers and corporate communication.
Several years ago I had a career break during which I reflected on what to do with my life and what would bring me happiness – a lot like Chloe, the protagonist in my novel The Cosmopolitan Islander. However, it was not till years later that I had the courage to take that first step to become a writer – starting with a few scribbles in a notebook and a creative writing course which whet my appetite further. When we moved to the island, it opened the door for me to the opportunity of being more serious about my writing. I was lucky to become a writer here for local magazines, alongside working on my novel. I believe most people have a story in them, but few get the chance to express it. It takes time and dedication – fortunately, I managed to find both in between juggling consulting work and my family too.

I love good food, but unfortunately do not have as much time for culinary experiments as I would like to have, but I try when I can. I do a bit of yoga, pilates and running for my body and mind. And as much travelling as possible! I love discovering new places and cultures – particularly in the sun!”

(M. P. Tonnesen, July 2016)


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The Cosmopolitan Islander

Cover The Cosmopolitan Islander by MP Tonnesen

Desert Skies, Rebel Souls

Desert Skies, Rebel Souls by MP Tonnesen





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