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Author Michael Bosso


As a young man I always wanted to be a writer, I just didn’t know it. Telling stories, having dreams, building a fictional reality that allowed me to cope with “normal” people became an outlet for creativity that was bubbling inside. After all, how much fun is it to sit in a restaurant and assume the couple at the next table were just ordinary people having dinner? Much more entertaining to imagine them discussing world domination, or plotting their next great bank heist. (If that was you, sorry about the strange looks.)

As time went by, and my kids no longer believed I was a Pirate-Spy working for the Antarian secret service plotting their intergalactic takeover of the fast food industry, I decided to take my imagination out into the real world and let total strangers judge, rate, and post reviews on the quality of my mad writing skills. So far… so good.

The real world of “Michael” (yes I actually refer to myself in the third person, doesn’t everyone?) is pleasant but nowhere near as exciting as my stories. I’ve been a shoe salesman, phone salesman, nuts and bolts stacker, television repair assistant, designer of computer systems, non-profit worker, lobbyist, banker, VP of a large banking institution, stock broker, financial advisor, husband, dad, son and brother. Pretty standard stuff compared to a dreamwalker, or mass murdering avenging angel. J

(Michael Bosso, 3rd May 2016)


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