Mouse Diver-Dudfield

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Mouse Diver-Dudfield

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Award winning New Zealand speculative author living in the cold deep dark south of the South Island. Sci-fi and horror are my passions, but I will try my hand at anything that gets the blood pumping and the imagination soaring. I love writing compelling and spooky NZ fiction.

Nominated for the Sir Julius Vogue Award, and winner, and also runner up, of the Dan Davin Short Story Awards.

(Mouse Diver-Dudfield, September 2017)


The Tilt Series

Book 1: Magenta Rising

front cover Magenta Rising - The Tilt Series Book one by Mouse Diver-Dudfield

Book 2: Sinai’s Descent

Front cover Sinais descent- The Tilt Series Book two by Mouse Diver-Dudfield






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