Nicki & Allie MacDonald

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Nicki & Allie MacDonald

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We’ve always been different as sisters but we do share an appreciation for gorgeous landscapes and days out with the Fam. Allie loves to go shopping for clothes whereas I absolutely loathe it but get dragged along anyway! I then, in turn, drag her to Nerd conventions which she hates but fair’ she fair. We get on really well, always have and she’s always got my back.

There are four years between us, same birthday though, weird, and I told her that if we lived in Panem, she’d be the one to volunteer if I was picked as tribute. Not entirely understanding, she agreed that if my name was pulled out of the Sorting Hat, she’d enter the Triwizard tournament in my place. I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

(Nicki & Allie MacDonald, January 2017)


The Unseelie Prince

front cover The unseelie prince by nicki and Allie Macdonald







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