Raj Fernandes

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Raj Fernandes

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I guess my writing career began at the age of 5 when I would scribble words and little sentences on the walls at home, much to the delight (and disgust) of my parents.

My passion for writing has continued since, winning a few awards along the way for copywriting. Writing has always been my passion and I get much pleasure from it. I consider it one of the most stimulating creative arts. More than anything it allows me to let my inner voice be heard by a wider audience.
Essentially a copywriter I took the plunge and wrote the book ‘Curiosity Killed the Craving’. It represents a showcase for probably my biggest achievement – to stop smoking. At the same time the poet in me kept urging me to share my poems publicly which I do through my very own poetry blog.

I believe writing has made me a more curious, enlightened and happier man combined with my other interests which include mindful living, yoga and healthy eating.

(Raj Fernandes, July 2017)


Curiosity Killed the Craving

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