Rayner Tapia

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Hi name is Rayner Tapia. I write because I love words and language from all over the world. I want to explore the world and its universe by writing. Encouraging and inspiring I don’t think that Earth is the only planet which breathes life. I would like to inspire and be inspired by all and everything. So I believe we are not alone. Everything happens for a reason, like they say, every action has a reaction.,

(Rayner Tapia, June 2016)


The Adventures of Tom McGuire

Book 1 – The Bard of Typheousina

The Bard of Typheousina - The Adventures of Tom McGuire by Rayner

Book 2 – Morkann’s Revenge

Cover Morkann's Revenge(The Adventures of Tom McGuire Book 2) by Rayner Tapia

Book 3 – The Dream Catcher

Cover The Dream Catcher (The Adventures of Tom McGuire Book 3) by Rayner

Book 4 – The Last Enchantment

Cover The Last Enchantment - The Adventures of Tom McGuire (The Adventures of Tom McGuire -volume 4) by Rayner Tapia


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