Sarah Linx

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Sarah Linx

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I first started writing at the age of fourteen, after our English class asked each member of our class to write and illustrate our own book, to read to our school’s younger students. Reading my book aloud was a dream come true, and it was the start of a passion I didn’t know I carried with me from then until now.

As an adult, my passion for teaching and writing only became greater. I believe that books have the power to change lives, and transport readers into a whole new world of thinking and learning. Growing up with animals my entire life, I combined my love of writing and animals to create engaging stories that would also teach valuable life lessons to young readers. I decided to write books dedicated to young children, because I hope to inspire them as much as they have inspired me.

(Sarah Linx, August 2017)


Kitty’s First Day of School

front cover kittys first day at school by Sarah Linx

Counting Kitties

front cover counting kittes by Sarah Linx





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