T.Q. Chant

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T.Q. Chant

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Tim Chant isn’t hugely remarkable or interesting. Growing up in deepest, darkest rural England, he now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his partner and their two rabbits. When he can get away from his day job, he writes Science Fiction, historical naval adventure, fantasy and pretty much anything else he fancies. When not doing that, he games (probably a bit too much) and enjoys cooking, brewing and baking.

‘Sam Cane: Hard Setdown’ and its sequels are his debut self-published novellas, as T Q Chant.!

(Tim Chant, May 2017)


Sam Cane Series

Book 1 – Hard Setdown

front cover Hard Setdown - Sam Cane 1 by T Q Chant

Book 2 – Hard Lessons

front cover Hard Lessons - Sam Cane 2 by T Q Chant

Book 3 – Hard Time

front cover Hard Time - Sam Cane 3 by T Q Chant





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