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T.S. Adrian

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I can tell you my love of heroic fantasy began with J.R.R. Tolkien at the age of 12, but I am willing to bet a purse of gold that it’s not like most people. I hadn’t read the Lord of the Rings until I was in my 20’s (shock!). The Hobbit was my first love–but not like it was for most of you. I didn’t read the Hobbit, I listened to it. A local library was giving away free tickets to a screening of the 1977 cartoon film to young readers who read 20 books. But I hadn’t heard about it the offer until a day before the deadline! A librarian took pity on me and offered me an audio cassette…and I listened. The voices! The incredible music! My imagination filled in the rest. These became the seeds of my writing. It took another 30 years to grow those seeds into something worth your attention, but eventually Beneath the Silver Rose was ready to be harvested.

(T. S. Adrian, March 2017)


Shadyia Ascendant Series

Book 1 – Beneath the Silver Rose

front cover Beneath the Silver Rose by T.S. Adrian






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