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Under A Namibian Sky by Angelina Kalahari

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Under A Namibian Sky is the first book of the contemporary romance series A Desert Love Novel  by Angelina Kalahari.

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Beautiful, vivacious, independent young Naomi grew up on the edge of the Namib Desert. After she becomes a safari guide, nothing is more exciting than showing off her desert’s fierceness, its raw beauty, and its exotic wildlife to guests staying at Desert Lodge.

Luca, the heir apparent to the Armati supercar dynasty, is blessed with the beauty of an Italian god and born to a life of wealth, power, and influence. In Namibia for a short holiday, he wants to fulfil his dream of photographing and painting African elephants.

Used to the wiles of such spoiled princelings, Naomi is suspicious of his motives. Begrudgingly, she feels drawn to his kindness, charm and aura. Impossibly, it appears he is equally drawn to the girl from the African desert.

But will the pain of their past experiences prevent them from being courageous enough to admit their soul mate connection? Will their love overcome the challenges they face when Luca ends up in hospital after a dangerous anti-poacher raid, and Naomi has to confront her fears about falling in love with him?

Compulsively readable, Under A Namibian Sky is an emotionally riveting romance that will enchant, fascinate and delight.

A Word from the Author

Author Angelina Kalahari pictureOriginally, I wrote Under A Namibian Sky as an experiment to see if Mills and Boon (Harlequin to many of you) would accept it. Initially, they seemed very excited by the synopsis and three chapters I’d submitted. They sent a long email with suggestions for changes, and I felt encouraged by this. I spent several weeks implementing their ideas and suggestions and resubmitted, only to receive a rejection letter from them soon afterwards.

I wasn’t downhearted, however. Receiving notes and rejections in my previous career as an operatic soprano, was just part of the job.

By now, the characters were alive and talking to me. They wouldn’t shut up. I had no choice but to write their story in Under A Namibian Sky. More than the characters’ incessant chatting, the other reason I had to write the novel, is because Namibia is where I was born. As I seldom return there, it was such an unexpected joy to visit the place I love so dearly in this way. I know those people. I know Desert Lodge, the setting for the book. Writing the novel took me back completely. It felt as though I was on holiday there during the writing process.

I don’t know if it’s the familiarity of the people and the place that promoted such ease of flow. One chapter flowed into another so effortlessly. I could hardly believe it.

The story, while a contemporary romance, retains the integrity of the desert, and the purity of the people who live there. It is perhaps the reason one reviewer on Amazon wrote: “What a lovely, old-fashioned love story. It reminded me of M.M. Kaye and Mary Stewart. It was an enjoyable read, allowing me to escape to a distant, exotic land.”

The fact that those two writers are well-loved and have been read by millions of readers can only bode well for Under A Namibian Sky.
(Angelina Kalahari, September 2017)


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