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The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove by various authors

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The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove

An Anthology

edited by J.S. Bailey and‎ Kelsey Keating.

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Graves Grove isn’t your ordinary town…

Nestled within the folds of the Canadian Rockies, Graves Grove probably isn’t the picturesque place you’d like to stay for long. Peculiar things happen here. The citizens seem normal superficially—they function well enough. But each one is deeply disturbed, wrapped in secrets and neuroses which drive them to strange behaviors.

And then there are all the missing children. And why is everyone afraid of that sycamore tree?

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove is an anthology of stories taking place throughout the history of this mysterious town, from its founding to its future. Read them…if you dare.

A Word from the Author

Author McKenzie Flohr picture

The Whispering Tales of Graves Grove is an anthology that explores the history of the residents living in British Columbia, Canada. While Graves Grove may look from the outside a normal town in the Canadian Rockies, it is anything but. There’s a sycamore tree that everyone is afraid of. Children have gone missing never to be seen again. There is a woman who walks around talking to an invisible child in a buggy that’s falling apart. Even paranormal investigators have been called in to solve the town’s secrets and mysteries. And what’s up with the bronze statue of the founder located in the middle of town that likes to change clothes at night?

Fear is just the beginning. Read their stories if you dare.

(Mackenzie Flohr, December 2017)

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