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Seeking Perfection by Caroline MacCallum

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Seeking Perfection is a contemporary romance by Caroline MacCallum

front cover seeking perfection by Caroline MacCallum

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Emily Beach has a passion for wedding dresses—not wearing them, but designing them. She’s hitched her wagon to the stars and has grand plans to become the brand brides rush to when seeking perfection on their big day.

Until that happens, she’s working at a swanky London boutique. Her days are a whirlwind of wealthy, eccentric customers, and crazy, sex-mad colleagues. When dashing yachting-mogul millionaire, Henry, sets his sights on her, she gets a taste of the finer things in life, as he sails straight into her heart.

But does Henry really understand her need for independence, and her fierce determination to make it on her own? And did he ever really know her if he thinks she wants him to pull strings to get her on the first rung of the ladder? With the meddling of her wacky, energetic friends, she soon finds the answers to all of these questions, but are they the answers she wants?

A Word from the Author

author Caroline MacCallum pictureCaroline MacCallum has been writing for over ten years after leaving a long career in nursing. Her work is fun, sassy and often has a touch of paranormal. She spends a considerable amount of time with her beloved rescued animals and helping new writers find their feet. You can learm more about Caroline on her website.

Seeking Perfection is my second novel, the first being YA paranormal romance Gabriel’s Angel. I like to set my stories in the UK as this is where I’m from. Seeking Perfection is based mainly in London, my most favourite city in the world, though there is a trip to the South of France in the story, on a luxury yacht. The wonderful thing about fiction is money is no object when it come to the adventures characters can have!

(Caroline MacCallum, February 2017)


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