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The Devourer by Chris Chelser

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The Devourer is an occult psychological horror novel by Chris Chelser.


back cover The Devourer by Chris Chelser front cover The Devourer by Chris Chelser


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Paris, 1858: Mercedes Fabron, pragmatic wife and childless mother, has her hands full running her husband’s fashion shop and navigating social etiquette. All of which would be considerably easier without uninvited ghosts haunting her night and day.

Out in the streets, people are dying of an undetermined cause. The newspapers speak of an unknown disease, the police speak of accidents. But when a dead man is found in her stairwell, Mercedes has every reason to suspect something
much more sinister. Only the ghosts know the truth, but they are too afraid to tell.

As if they are scared to death of what is out there.

A Word from the Author

Author Chris Chelser pictureThe Devourer began as an excuse to apply my love of ghost stories to the fascinating Paris of Victor Hugo. An innocent enough story, until its characters held up a mirror so dark I could barely stomach the thought of writing another word.

To save her daughter, Mercedes Fabron must first save herself: from society’s unrelenting prejudice, from the silent pain of an old loss, and from the emptiness inside that threatens to consume her. A constant daily struggle in itself, never mind the insatiable hunger of the destructive ghost that has set its sights on her!

Blood is thicker than the water under the bridges of the Seine. Beneath the creepy ghosts and soul-eating demons, The Devourer is ultimately about two people dealing with the scars of loss, depression and suicide – and surviving.

(Chris Chelser, September 2017)



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