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Craving – First Thirst by Claudy Conn

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Craving – First Thirst is a paranormal romance by Claudy Conn.

front cover Craving first thirst by claudy conn


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Devin MacLeod is a vampire trapped in another realm. Bobbie Skye is an immortal witch hired to free him.
Allora is an ancient vampire determined to destroy him and anyone standing in her way.
Ancient power and innocence clash in a fight that extends itself into the human realm where all life is threatened.

A Word from the Author

Author Claudy Conn pictureCraving-First Thirst came to me because of my readers who took the time to write and tell me they wanted another vampire series.
My stories are character driven. Everyone who plays a part in the making of a story comes to life and tells me their point of view.

Devin’s character from the start was a given. He is a man whose life is ripped out from under him. Drawn immediately into evil, he breaks away and is determined to overcome the beast within.

Bobbie Skye is my heroine, a witch who experienced compassion and love when her parents were taken from her and her mom’s best friend, Elle stepped up and took her in. Thus, she is all heart, and so it begins. Craving-First Thirst (Book #1)

(Claudy Conn, September 2017)


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