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Center Stage by L. M. Nelson

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Center Stage

Scrubs book 4

by L. M. Nelson

Full cover Center Stage by LM Nelson


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New York City—a thriving metropolis full of dreams. The bright lights of Times Square, the billboard posters promoting the latest musicals, and the theatre marquees up and down Broadway attract millions of theatre lovers every year. Lauren Hanson was no exception.

Prior to moving to New York, Lauren made every effort to make her dream of performing on Broadway a reality. She enrolled in dance classes, took voice lessons, and participated in various acting workshops. Now in her first year at the Juilliard School, she seeks to improve her craft and work her way into the professional world of musical theatre. A Broadway performer named Roger Zellers steers her in the right direction. His assistance becomes tainted, however, when a blast from his past tries to sabotage Lauren’s career. Harassment, lies, and openly violent threats make Lauren question Roger’s intentions.

While Lauren pursues the glamor of the Great White Way, Lauren’s twin sister tries to establish herself as a reputable choreographer. Having connections with Roger comes in handy when he asks her for a special favor. Through Roger, she meets other professionals, gains a new following, and finds potential love. But will her fairytale come true, or will her plans crumble to pieces in the hustle and bustle of New York City?

A Word from the Author

Author L. M. Nelson 320x461The closest I’ve ever come to performing in front of an audience was the brief 6 or 7 year period in my life when I sang spiritual songs with a small quartet and performed in the Easter Cantata with a local community choir. My children have both performed on stage, however. My son during elementary school plays and middle school band concerts. My daughter for choir performances, high school plays, halftime shows and concerts with for her high school and college marching band, and that year she marched in the Rose Parade. Although I’ve never performed on stage, I’ve always enjoyed theatre. I grew up watching musicals and have attended several traveling Broadway shows over the years. Among my favorites are Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, and Singin’ in the Rain.

When I planned the fourth and final book of the Scrubs series, I knew I wanted a character who was somehow linked with the performing arts. Since Center Stage focuses primarily on Randy’s twin daughters, and both are performers, having the girls connected to the theatre was crucial in developing the storyline. This is how Roger Zellers came to life.

There are many characters within this series I adore. But Roger is by far one of my favorites. He’s one of those characters who comes to life. If he was a real person, I would definitely befriend him. He’s just a down to earth guy who genuinely cares about people. He has a natural playful side and enjoys life. He’s talented, well-liked by everyone he meets, and fun to be around. He does, however, have a bit of dark past he doesn’t reveal to many people. Throughout Center Stage, we learn more and more about him and his past, and enjoy some of the experiences he faces as a professional in the performing arts world.

Center Stage touches on social and emotional issues young people go through as they leave the roost and go off on their own. Center Stage introduces you to new characters and brings back many of the ones from the pervious books. Because the Scrubs series is a family saga, the reader will see the characters grow up and matures throughout the series. It was a fun series to write, but it was hard to let go of the characters I have grown so close to over the years.

(L. M. Nelson, January 2018)

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