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Ain’t no Law in California by Christopher Davis

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Ain’t No Law in California – A Dan Bardwell Western is a Dystopian Science Fiction Western by Christopher Davis.

back cover Aint no law in california - A Dan bardwell western by Christopher Davis front cover Aint no law in california - A Dan Bardwell Western by Christopher Davis



Ain’t No Law in California is a hard hitting post-apocalyptic western, where the bad guys are quick on the draw and the lawmen are even quicker.

Dan Bardwell and his young partner Franklin Curtis allow us to ride along as they traipse across the badlands of the great state of Sacramento in what was once known as California. Decades after a global nuclear war nearly destroys mankind, the two tin star lawmen are tasked with keeping law and order and will chase outlaws through both Hell and high water to get them. Often times they’ll operate in a gray area of the law just to get their man.

A Word from the Author

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Ain’t No Law in California, originally started along the line of a traditional western. The story took place soon after the civil war in the fictional Hard Times Virginia. During three complete rewrites of the story, elements of science fiction crept in. Three of the original characters were scrapped and replaced by the five-pointed Sacramento lawman, Dan Bardwell who had been in nearly every one of my western short stories that had been published. Bardwell, coupled with the jive talking Franklin Curtis was a perfect match for the story that came about.

Taking place a hundred years after mankind was set back by a nuclear war; Ain’t No Law in California incorporates elements of post-apocalyptic, science fiction with steampunk. Ride along with the tin-star Sacramento lawmen Dan Bardwell and Franklin Curtis as they track down one outlaw after another.

(Christopher Davis, July 2017)



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