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Lola the Buhund and the Empty Sky by Elbot Carman

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Lola the Buhund and the Empty Sky is a fantasy story for children and young adults by Elbot Carman.

Front cover Lola the Buhund and The Empty Sky by Elbot Carman


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What if the Sun, Moon, and Stars vanished from the sky?

Fifteen years ago that’s exactly what happened in the dying world of Lumea. Daily life in the surviving country of Prithvi is harsh and unforgiving for a reclusive carpenter and his farm dog, Lola. Born into darkness, Lola has never known anything else. But when she encounters three strangers in need, she’s pushed into an irrevocable quest for the truth—to uncover the world’s light, never having witnessed its existence herself. Joined by her human, a musician, and a rooster, the journey is filled with evil spirits, monsters, and the soldiers of a cruel and selfish monarch.

Will her hope and perseverance be enough to face these obstacles? Lola’s fate—and the world’s—depends on it.

A Word from the Author

Author Elbot Carman PictureRejected by her mother as a pup, Lola is raised by a reclusive carpenter a decade and a half into one of her world’s most trying times. The world of Lumea went dark thirteen years before her birth – the sun, moon, and stars vanishing from the sky without a trace. In a harsh and inhospitable environment, it seems only the country of Prithvi has managed to survive in the Darkness.

Never knowing what the world was before, Lola and her human are thrust into a journey to uncover where the world’s light has gone.

(Elbot Carman, September 2017)


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