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An Australian Story by Gordon Smith

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An Australian Story: The saga of an Australian Family over two centuries is a family history by Gordon Smith.

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The story of an Australian Family beginning in 1808 and up to 1998. The story of courage and pioneering spirit. The story of hardship and loss. The never-ending story of love and family. Two world wars and 4 soldiers lost. This is a story of a family and the history that happened around them.

A Word from the Author

author Gordon smith pictureAn Australian story is a saga about an Australian Family and how historical events affected the family. It spans 2 centuries.

It starts with the sentencing of a petty criminal (William Chalker) in England who is sentenced to transportation. It tells the story of how a convict becomes a free settler at the end of his sentence and the hardships of building a life in a strange undeveloped land.

The Sag explores the corruption in the early colony along with the pioneering spirit of Australia’s earliest settlers.

The marriages, the children and excitement of many generations.

Like any family, there is a mixture of heroes and villains who all contribute to the tapestry of the story.

When war comes along in the early 1900’s, the family rallies to the call, but not all of those who went return. When the next war came along, most of the men signed on.

The story concluded in 1998 when Willian Chalker’s great, great, great granddaughter passed away.

(Gordon Smith, April 2017)

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