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Earthrise by Gabriel Namara

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Earthrise – Stranded on the Moon: Astronaut Rescue Mission  is a hard sci-fi/thriller by Gabriel Namara.

Full cover earthrise - stranded on the moon by Gabriel Namara october 2017

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When Commander Steemson and his crew are forced to make an emergency landing on the Moon, veteran astronaut, Jim Borman, is called out of retirement for this last mission — to fly the only rocket on Earth capable of immediate launch.

Obsessed billionaire, Bill Leeb, has built a Saturn V replica and is willing to put it at NASA’s disposal for the rescue. But on one condition — a condition that places Jim Borman in a moral dilemma and will force a terrible choice on the spaceship’s crew. As preparations go ahead for the rescue, the stranded astronauts make earth-shattering discoveries on the Moon.

“Very creative Plot!” – Astronaut Richard ‘Mike’ Mullane (Space Shuttle Missions STS-41-D, STS-27, STS-36)

“Like a very good Single Malt!” – AndromedaAlpha (Amazon Customer Germany)

A Word from the Author

author gabriel_namara pictureI wanted to write the book because I wanted to read it, but did not find it anywhere else.
What inspired me was a book by astronaut Mike Mullane, “Riding Rockets” and as a fan of the space program eversince, I knew that there was an old school astronaut adventure yet to be written. Some will remember the Moon Rocket of the 1960’s. Well, I thought that in modern times, old technology might be the only option for a rescue mission, after the new Orion mission crashed on the Moon. What is interesting is that I thought I should give Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin a cameo apprearance as fictional characters – because Apollo 11 might have something in store which my contemporary astronauts needed to escape from the surface of the Moon. There is a flashback that could shed a light on what really happened back in 1969. Politics are everywhere, you know…

(Gabriel Namara, March 2017)

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