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Walking to Babylon by Christopher Davis

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Walking to Babylon is a Crime Thriller by Christopher Davis.

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Walking to Babylon is a dark, gritty tale of two transplanted New Jersey boys who grow up together in the desert city of Las Vegas, busting balls for the old man. Sammy Soriano tells us the story as he walks away from a burning car where the body of his lifelong pal, Tommy Two-Guns Viglierchio had been left, along with those of three Mexican nationals that had tried to muscle in on the action. Viglierchio has been losing his battle with cancer for some time and Soriano knew it. There was nothing that he could do to help his friend other than be there for him.

A Word from the Author

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Walking to Babylon first appeared in the British Multiple Myeloma Charity Anthology, Paladins, as the short story—Low and Outside.
Sammy Soriano tells his story over a couple of beers at a farm team baseball game in Las Vegas, where the story takes place.
His lifelong pal—Tommy Two-Guns Viglierchio—had cancer and he knew it. There just wasn’t anything that he could do other than be there for him. The story drew its name from a lousy pitch that you just had to stand and watch go by.
While waiting for the anthology to print, I decided that Soriano had more of a story to tell than 7700 words could and Walking to Babylon came to be, finding a home with Solstice Publishing. In the novel version we get to look a little deeper into the lives of those riding roughshod over the Las Vegas underbelly.
If you enjoy bright lights and the casino nightlife, why not take a walk with Sammy in this short novel length story of dope and crime and shallow graves in the desert?

(Christopher Davis, July 2017)



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