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Beneath the Silver Rose by T.S. Adrian

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Beneath the Silver Rose is the first book of the Shadyia Ascendant fantasy series by T.S. Adrian.

back cover Beneath the Silver Rose by T.S. Adrian front cover Beneath the Silver Rose by T.S. Adrian


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In the cold halls of the Silver Rose palace, sisters are schooled in the arts of pleasure, but are forbidden from falling in love themselves. When Shadyia breaks the tenants of the sorority, her penance is to uncover the mystery of a powerful magician who masquerades as a wealthy scholar.

artwork Beneath the Silver Rose by T.S. AdrianCaught between an ancient conflict of Order and Chaos, Shadyia must conceal her romance with a fellow sister while appeasing an order of vicious knights to protect the sisterhood from the wrath of their crusade.

Time is running out as Shadyia, with sword in hand, descends beneath the Silver Rose into a labyrinth of deadly traps and shadowy guardians. For only there can she defy the crusaders and avert the prophecy of a darkness that returns to consume the world.

A Word from the Author

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Beneath the Silver Rose is the kind of fantasy book I wanted to read, but could never find. Sexy, powerful, positive. The heroes are beaten, but are never broken. Although this is a medieval setting (more or less 15th century Renaissance), the characters don’t scratch at fleas and trug through the book ass-deap in mud and blood and disease. I’m sure all that is accurate, but I never wanted to read about it.  I wanted magic that is rare, women that are bold and beautiful, mysterious magicians with a hidden agenda, and gods that move mortals about like pieces on a chessboard. That’s the book I wanted.  I was inspired by the fantasy writer David Gemmell in terms of pace.  When you read one of his books, you get your money’s worth. He won’t spend eleven chapters with this characters arguing in a castle. The term “I could never put it down” fits a Gemmell book perfectly, and it’s what I have striven to accomplish in the Shadyia Ascendant series. Get ready for a sexy adventure you won’t soon forget!

(T.S. Adrian, March 2017)

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