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The Guardians of the Relic by Louise Cornelius

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The Guardians of the Relic is a Science Fiction/fantasy book by Louise Cornelius.

Front cover the Guardian of the Relic by Louise Cornelius.

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After the tragic death of her parents, Emily Carson is finally starting to rebuild her life. She has a good job, good friends, new love and family. Everything seems to be going well, until one night she mistakenly meets them: a mysterious group of men holding a secret meeting. Who are they and what are they planning? There is something peculiar about these men and she can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong. In search of answers, Emily enlists the help of the weird but quirky genius Ethan Cunningham, but to her surprise he has secrets of his own. As they get closer to the truth, Emily doesn’t realize she is treading down a dangerous path and she now has a target on her back. Her whole world gets turned upside down as a series of events unfold that lead her to shocking new discoveries.

A Word from the Author

Author Louis CorneliusThe journey of writing The Guardians of the Relic has been an incredible one for me. My love for science fiction is what drew me to write this novel. My favorite novel growing up was The Lord of Rings. The magical world and characters that Tolkien had created was simply genius in my opinion. The idea for The Guardians of the Relic had been conceived long before I even started writing it. These characters have virtually lived with me for the duration of my writing and I actually felt sad when I finished the book. The process of writing is so much better than reading. For me the best part is the limitless possibilities. I think any reader who loves Sci-fi Fantasy will enjoy this story. It has a modern twist to an old tale.

(Louise Cornelius, June 2017)

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